Tarım Kredi Süt

100% Organic

Our products are produced untouched by using appropriate dairy products conforming to our quality standards.

No Additives

Our products are free from additives.

Tarım Kredi Süt

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About Us

Our dairy processing facility situated in Eskişehir, Beylikova County was bought by Agricultural Credit Cooperative Organization and registered on 19.01.2010 and acquired legal entity status.
Following commissioning and revision works our facility commenced production in 2010.
Our facility became the first choice of customers for quality, additive-free, delicious products since its purchase. Our establishment continues to offer fresh, delicious natural products to its customers without making any compromises on quality, additive-free and preservative-free production via directing our consumer-oriented works.
Our production capacity has been doubled since the revisions and new investments conducted in 2018 and we continue to make improvements since then, for better and quality products.
Our Company has received;   

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System),
ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System),

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce additive-free, fresh, delicious and natural products and to provide our products to our consumers by fulfilling continuous improvement works via the active participation of our staff along with the growth we obtain with the help of our suppliers and producers and to show respect to laws and universal values as a progressive establishment. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading organization within the domestic and international market via innovations and new investments and by paying attention to the expectation of our partners and consumers.